Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Best Authentic Burrito Around…but in Australia???

Brisbane: In Search of the Perfect Burrito
Yes, that’s right…Australia. For all you Mexican food addicts (myself included), you can now devour a mouthwatering burrito and Dos Equis beer at the bright, modern Tuckeria Fresh Mexican Grill in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley on Australia’s eastern coast. 

Totally Mexican
My readers know that I’m very picky when it comes to food and I only blog about select local eateries that I come across during my travels. Tuckeria made the cut.  No matter if you’re on a surf trip or backpacking along Australia’s coast, morning and night you’ll find chefs chopping, cooking, roasting, and marinating the freshest ingredients at Tuckeria, right in front of your eyes while you order. 

The restaurant’s signature pico de gallo, as well as its ranchera and tomatillo salsa recipes come straight from the most bona fide taquerías in California and Mexico. Founder and owner of Tuckeria, Jordan Birchall, spent years investigating salsas, burrito combinations, and typical ingredients everywhere from high-end Mexican restaurants to roadside taco trucks. 
Founder, Jordan Birchall

Burritos Deliciosos
Since Tuckeria opened just under two years ago, locals can't seem to get enough of what it has to offer. Birchall drew from a combination of his favorite tastes to create the menu. (That’s probably why some of the dishes at Tuckeria aren’t typically what you’d find anywhere else!) The wackiest item in my opinion is the “California Style Burrito” which comes with potato fries instead of rice wrapped inside the burrito. (However, my dad ordered it, and gave it two thumbs up.) 
Inside the "California Style" Burrito

For the Dieter...or Not
The menu also has low-carb and gluten-free options for the selective eater. For example, the “Naked Burrito” has all the typical fillings of a burrito, but without the flour tortilla. For breakfast lovers, watch out…Tuckeria serves up a mean breakfast burrito all day long, with free-range scrambled eggs, beans, salsa, guacamole and your choice of chorizo or chicken filling. 
Burrito Mojado (My favorite!)

My favorite dish is the "Burrito Mojado" with carnitas (wet burrito topped with red and green salsas with slow-cooked pork). A typical lunch which includes a burrito and beer will cost around $19.

Ordering Help
You must realize that you can’t just sit back and do no work while you order. Nope. Tuckeria's menu is all about choices. 

You’ll need to be ready to choose which meat (carne asada, estofado de carne, pollo asado, carnitas, chorizo, camarones a la parilla, vegetariano), salsa and bean combination you’d like. Oh, and all the extras. To download the menu go to:
Carnitas Meat with Mexican Beers

Why Tuckeria?
Spanish speakers might be thinking, "poor Birchall, he doesn’t realize that he misspelled his own restaurant’s name." Luckily that wasn’t the case. Instead of the traditional Spanish spelling of “taquería,” Birchall played with the word “tuck,” which in Australia is slang for “great grub,” hence the name Tuckeria.

Location Information
Tuckeria Fresh Mexican (Shop 13 Central Brunswick, 421 Brunswick Street; 0406-377-278;

***All photos are taken by me, Molly Malone, unless otherwise specified. Photos are not available for re-posting or publication. Stay tuned to my next blog post on the September harvest in Healdsburg, California...


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